Jacob Adam Rauch Arrested on two Felonies

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Jacob Rauch was arrested on or about March 11, 2015 on two different felony charges. The first charge being CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT NON-FORCIBLE FELONY and the second charge being THEFT 2ND DEGREE the original charge date for these charges was 9/9/14. They were upgraded to felonies from what we understand from the records just recently.

According to Iowa state guidelines each charge is a maximum five year prison term and a fine of just over $7,000.00 each.

The reason I bring all this up is Jacob Rauch was a witness in the murder trial of Alicia Ritenour and the Prosecution in Alicia’s trial worked to keep both Logan Cavan and Jacob Rauch’s criminal records out of the court hearings thus the two boys would be more credible. So that being said Jacob’s charges were on 9/9/14 and we believe they kept them out of the public’s eye until way after the court case, thus making Jacob appear to not have any possible felony charges. We are considering the possibility that the Oskaloosa Police Department, and the Prosecuting attorney’s Amy Zenor, and Susan R. Krisko may have conspired to hide this to bolster their case by suppressing Logan Cavan’s drug activities and Jacob Rauch’s criminal records until the trial was over.

Note: These charges against Jacob were not even posted at the time of Alicia Ritenour’s trial.

These are the most recent charges for Jacob Rauch:

(Notice the Offense date on the filings.)Jacob felony count 1Jacob felony count 2


This was the last charge he had available at the time of trial.Jacob pending charge


Cavan Arrested Again for Drugs and Weapons Charges

Sorry no mug shot, so you get to see Logan as he wants to be seen as a big time gangsta...LOL

Sorry no mug shot, so you get to see Logan as he wants to be seen as a big time gangsta.

At around 1:40 AM on 02/20/15 Logan Cavan age 20 was pulled over and charged with numerous charges. These charges include possession of drug paraphernalia, driving with a suspended license, possession with intent to deliver methamphetamine, carrying weapons and failure to file a drug tax stamp.

He has had many of these same charges in his past arrests, the only new two he has not had is possession with intent to deliver methamphetamine, and failure to file a drug tax stamp.

Let me see if I can put these charges into perspective:

Failure to file a drug tax stamp in Iowa:
In Iowa, failure to affix a drug stamp is punishable by up to five years in prison and a $7,500 fine – for those who aren’t habitual offenders. The civil penalty is two times what the person would have paid to get a stamp; interest accrues at 7 percent a year from the day of assessment.
Possession with intent to deliver methamphetamine:

Class B Felony – Manufacturing/Delivering/Possession with Intent
Up to 50 years in prison + $1 million
•More than 1 kilogram of heroin
•More than 500 grams of cocaine
•More than 50 grams of crack cocaine
•More than 1,000 kilograms of marijuana, or
•More than 5 kilograms of methamphetamine

Class B Felony Manufacturing/Delivering/Possession with Intent
Up to 25 years in prison + $5,000- $100,000
•100 grams- 1 kilogram of heroin
•100- 500 grams of cocaine
•10- 50 grams of crack cocaine
•5 grams- 5 kilograms of methamphetamines, or
•100 kilograms- 1,000 kilograms of marijuana

Class C Felony Manufacturing/Delivering/Possession with Intent
Up to 10 years in prison + $1,000- $50,000
•100 grams or less of heroin
•100 grams or less of cocaine
•10 grams or less of crack cocaine
•5 grams or less of methamphetamines, or
•50- 100 kilograms of marijuana
Ref: IA. St. §124.401

(Logan has over a $300.00 fine for a previous drug charge that he has yet to pay on that is almost a year old.)

Weapons charge:

Weapon can be any kind of gun or firearm or even a knife. If you are charged with criminally carrying of a weapon, you will typically face aggravated misdemeanor charges.

An aggravated misdemeanor of this nature carries a potential sentence of up to 2 year in jail and $6250 in fines. (Which Logan Cavan already has over $1,100.00 in fines for a previous weapons charge he has yet to pay anything on from eleven months ago.)
I am not even going to bother with the driving with a suspended license since that is a minor charge compared to the others.

Update to charges 2/22/15@18:50PM: Logan Cavan also received a charge of “Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility” I was just informed of this charge this evening. Sorry I missed a charge.

So depending upon the amount of drugs Logan Dean Cavan could be facing up to and possible more than fifty years in jail, however I doubt he had that much Methamphetamines on him. More than likely unless he did have that large an amount of drugs on him, he is probably facing up to 17 years in prison.

Now keep in mind these are only charges at this time and he is presumed innocent until proven guilty. (Or he has information on another case that he can make a deal on.)

Thank goodness the State prosecution kept his record sealed from the Jury in a previous case, since he only had a few minor charges, and a suspended two year prison term before these charges for a weapons charge, and just a fine for his previous Meth charge.
So Amy Zenor here is your star witness, now you have to prosecute him, or since you used him in a prior murder trial as one of your witnesses wouldn’t that be a conflict of interest and you might show him favoritism?

I wonder how many jurors of a trial he testified in are really wondering if he was “just joking” now. His drug use that the jury did not hear the first time he took the oath should be brought back into play, and a new trial should be granted. Since we do have proof he lied to keep his drug use information from being heard after the jury was brought back in and Logan being sworn in the second time. (But that is another article with proof of his lies.)

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Remember this story?



The story isn’t over yet!

Why isn’t it over yet? We have decided to expose the Prosecution, and investigation for what it is…half-assed!

Here is a few points to ponder for the public and Jury. Now keep in mind the two statements below were given to the Osky P.D. the day after Ava’s death, at that time no one outside of the police knew it was a homicide not even the two that wrote these statements.

Click on the images below to see them in a webpage you can enlarge to see better.

zake altered

Ashley altered

Odd at the time of these statements there was no public information about Ava’s death being a homicide, yet these two made damming statements about Logan Cavan. Yes Logan the one whom from what we have been reading about and researching his statements in interviews has changed his story four times, or maybe five, it could be six times depending on which story he is discussing. Almost like Jacob Rouch has changed his stories a little too. Interesting reading and viewing.

Has anyone ever heard of “loaded questions” in a police interview. Research it. There will be more to come on this in the future.

Just a few points to ponder for now until we work some of the angles together for a future post.


Back and Strong! OskyBlog once again!

Yes we are back and strong, and ready to put out what others will not do once again.

We have to thank the person(s) whom hacked the site and allowed us to start over fresh! You did not discourage us, you made us want to come back stronger!


Thank you again for your attempt to quiet us!



Arrest Leads to Investigating the Whole Story


This information is based on interviews, and questionable events that have not been brought out in any present information.


January 24, 2014 became a very dark day for the Ritenour family when their beloved daughter, granddaughter, and niece passed away from circumstances at the time that were unexplainable to the family. A mother left without answers, and a daughter she adored passed away.

January 30th the family laid their Ava to rest, still asking why and how. Alicia Ritenour dealing with grief for days before this date, and days after clung to a small stuffed animal of Ava’s as to hope that Ava would somehow reappear and want her stuffed animal. Sadness, disbelief, and anger all boil within the family as to the unanswered question of what happened to Ava.

February 4, 2014 Alicia is arrested for her child’s death less than twelve days after the loss of Ava the Oskaloosa Police Dept., Division of Criminal Investigation, Mahaska County Attorney’s office and the Iowa Attorney General’s office had sworn out an arrest warrant for Alicia before the autopsy final report was released, and probably before all evidence in the case had been processed by the state crime lab. Basing their arrest warrant on at this point speculation from what I have researched. The Media and public have only part of the whole story and the rest needs to be out.

Here we are with basic information that Ava had serious trauma, a coroner’s report that isn’t officially out at the time this article was originally published (original publish date was 02/05/2014) it usually takes five to six weeks for a coroner’s official report to be released.

Numerous Items were taken from the Apartment before a search warrant was issued and executed by the Osky P.D. that to this date have not been listed in any Affidavit of evidence.

There is a lot more to this story then the public is hearing or seeing, such as at the time in question there were two other individuals in the apartment. Alicia’s boyfriend Jacob Adam Rouch (age 22), and another young adult named Logan Dean Cavan (age 19) whom did not leave at any point from the night before until Ava was discovered. Alicia informed her boyfriend that his friend Logan had to leave the next day, and that she did not want him in her apartment. Logan went to sleep on the couch at some point, but was informed he would have to sleep on the floor since the couch was meant for a teenager staying with Alicia. This enraged Logan and others in the apartment heard a thud shortly after he was informed. Logan tried to sleep on the floor in Alicia’s room the night before Ava was found but was told to leave the room. Jake trying to calm the situation down offered Logan a cigarette, Logan threw it back at Jake in anger.

How late did these young adults stay up is in question, however from the information I have it was late into the night, as teens and twenty-something adults often do when they do not work.

The next morning Alicia woke up to take the teenager on the couch to school, she checked on Ava hearing her playing in her room. Not wanting to disturb Ava and make her cry from seeing Alicia before she took the minor to school Alicia made a bottle and placed it inside the door of Ava’s room hoping she would not see her and cry like she had done other mornings before taking the minor to school. Alicia looked over in the living room on her way out at Logan sleeping on the floor, and Jacob was sleeping in Alicia’s bed. When Alicia returned to her apartment within the hour she noticed Logan sleeping on the couch, not thinking much about it she went look in on Ava. Reaching Ava’s room she looked in to see Ava sleeping on the floor with the blanket that was on the couch earlier that morning. Ava seeming to be resting peacefully Alicia turned off the light, and TV to let Ava rest more, and being a little tired Alicia went to lay down for more sleep.

Later that day the grandmother Tina came over to spend time with Ava as she usually does on her days off, and at that time she and Alicia found Ava unresponsive. Attempting to revive Ava while Alicia and Jacob were in hysterics, and Logan sat on the couch (described by the Paramedic as a lump when he saw him as he came in) expressionless as all the activities went on to help Ava. (However depending on which story you listen to of Logan’s he is active and helpful, however no one even police or medics testified to such actions of Logan.)

During the investigation some things have been brought to my attention:

One neighbor of Alicia’s and his girlfriend had made a statement to police that they witnessed Logan raising his hand to Ava in a motion as to wanting to strike her in the head, and stating that “all she ever does is cry, I just want to kick her and knock her out”.

The official Affidavit states:

“On or about the 24th of January 2014, law enforcement was called to Southern Hills Apartments in Oskaloosa, Mahaska County, Iowa. Upon arrival, Ava Marie Ritenour (DOB 8/1/2012) was found deceased in the apartment that the defendant and infant resided in. A witness has stated that he heard a loud thump during the middle of the previous night coming from the room where the infant sleeps, while the mother was alone in the room with the infant. The infant had suffered from severe head trauma, and died from said trauma. The body of the infant was found shortly after 2:00 p.m. on the 24th day of January, 2014. The infant had been deceased for a significant period of time when found by law enforcement.”

My question is: Is Logan the credible witness? Was he offered a deal on his weapons charge and drug charges to become a “credible witness”? It could be the case since his weapons charge was settled with a “slap on the wrist” on 1/30/2014 the same day Ava was laid to rest. Logan has numerous charges, the weapons charge being the most serious. He also has drug charges. We have even found criminal charges in another state that he has had in the past.

Jake has also had criminal charges brought against him including burglary which was settled around the time of this case to, but only after he also had interviews with the police and District Attorney’s office just like Logan.

Were these two males offered “deals” on their charges in exchange for implicating Alicia? Are these two possibly drug informants? One starts to wonder if these two are double dealing their way out of serious penalties for their crimes. Or do the police possible need these two kept on the streets for to be informants. With Logan being a known Methamphetamine user and stating in a deposition that he was “crashing” the morning that Ava was found could make him dangerous to anyone.

Could Logan or Jake be actually been the one of the ones to injured Ava causing her death, since there is a possibility that one of the two was angry with Alicia for the situation the night before. Was the loud thump when Logan possible hit an object in the apartment after being kicked off the couch or being kicked out of Alicia’s room? Is Jacob hiding what he might know about the situation since Logan has been his friend for years, and they have only been around Alicia a few months? Was any of this looked at in the investigation or overlooked. There are too many unanswered questions about this night.

Other websites like KCCI and OskyNews (OskyNews being a non-accredited AP website like this one) these two sites have allowed people to comment on their stories (posting threats), putting the family at risk. Without knowing all the facts many have already made the assumption that Alicia was alone in the apartment with Ava during the evening before and that next day when Ava was found. Others know there were “witnesses” in the apartment, but until this article originally appeared knew nothing about the males in the apartment, or their drug use. The Osky P.D. probably wouldn’t investigate any Facebook threats since they claim anyone can hack a Facebook page.

Facts are what need to be exposed, and still have not all been exposed as to what the P.D. and District Attorney’s office have been hiding. The justice system in this case and in many others is played like a sporting event, where they have used the media and what they want to let out as “facts” to convict someone.

The questionable investigation has been one of my concerns by the Oskaloosa PD and the DCI this was partially confirmed by the partial evidence list they supplied that they claim was taken from the apartment. Eleven items in total were on their evidence list, none of their evidence that was taken had anything to do with the males in the apartment. This includes clothing, shoes, DNA, and no forensics was done in this investigation. The only focus the PD made as in evidence was on Alicia, the two boys received a “get out of trouble free” card right from the start.

There will be more in a future article about different aspects of this case, failures, and misleading acts by the investigators and prosecution, and the defense attorney.


This article originally date of posting was on 02/05/2014, however due to hackers it has had to be reposted.