When Should News Be Withheld?

I am wondering when some parts of News should be withheld. It seems putting out an accident victims name in the news within twentyfour hours of the accident is disrespectful of the family. Are ??News?? ??Agencies?? that put out this information giving family members time to inform other family members about this tragic accident before these family members read it in the News? I don’t think so.

Poor judgement on the part of a local news site is just disrespectful to the family!


Emergency Management Equipment Usage

Recently I have been having discussions with some whom think that, well they have a sense of “entitlement” to use County equipment for personal use. Oddly enough with FEMA Grants and other Federally funded monies tied  to this program I decided to look into the policies for using Federally funded equipment for say a ride to Prom, or Senior pictures! Oddly enough I don’t see any place in policies from any agency were taxpayers are to cover “wear and tear”, insurance, and fuel so a eighteen year old can drive this equipment to prom.

Interesting pictures taken from Facebook public access pages.



Iowa Governor’s Race


The Iowa governor’s race has become a point of contention for some people with Terry Branstad running for yet another term. Branstad has almost completed his fifth non-consecutive term, yes five terms as Governor. Oddly enough it has started to show little cracks in his system of arrogance, self-serving ego, and contemptuous attitude towards following the laws.

Terry seemed to think that he should terminate the Iowa Workforce Development department as it was known and reduce it down to just a few offices that were hard for people to get to, and just install a few computers around the state in libraries for the unemployed to sign up on for work or unemployment benefits. That seemed to yield hundreds of complaints from many groups including workers who couldn’t get into the system, to those whom never used a computer before that time. Not to mention all the Workforce Development employees who then had to sign up for unemployment too.

Another act was when Terry decided to close down a juveniles center in the state by making sure it was not funded, forcing many teens in need of help to be scattered to the winds in different facilities further from their families, and once again putting more state workers on unemployment.

Oh yes, we can’t forget the famous 90MPH speeding suburban going down the highway with the Emperor Branstad in the back seat “oblivious” to the fact that his vehicle is passing everything on the road! Then when one of the few honest State Troopers filed a complaint oddly enough he was terminated. Starting to sound familiar here?

Now for the next kicker! Wait I better check to see if I signed one of those confidential agreements! Ok we are good I didn’t.

It seems Branstad (playing dumb again) didn’t know about taxpayers money in the hundreds of thousands of dollars being paid as “hush money” to state workers whom had their jobs terminated, and then were replaced by probably less competent personal that Branstad could probably control.

What am I seeing here? A governor that has been in office so long that he thinks he is above the law, has no accountability, and has a sense of entitlement to do as he pleases. It is no longer what voters are interested in changing; it has become what King Branstad wants!

I am not pushing for a Democrat in office I am saying enough is enough King Branstad stop freeloading off of Iowa taxpayers and thinking you above the law, retire and let someone else run on the Republican ticket. Branstad, you will already get a nice state pension at taxpayers expense, and probable free medical until you “kick the bucket”!

The other thing I will say is if Branstad is voted into office again and more things are changed that he decides he doesn’t like, don’t blame anyone but the people who checked that little box for this arrogant ass. Like Nancy Reagan use to say when you get to that little box in the voting booth “Just say NO!”



Liar’s Day

Liar’s Day comes every so often, and it has come and past this week. What am I talking about? Well, Primary or Election time that’s what I am talking about! Every time there is a voting season I just keep the TV remote in my hand at the ready for another election commercial so I can mute the TV. Why, you ask. Because in almost fifty years I have heard the same thing over and over in political commercials, promises and commitments that no politician keeps once they are voted in! However in recent years I have heard some honesty out of a few politicians such as Mitt Romney, and a few Tea Baggers that like Mitt let their mouth over ride their dumb ass! Thank goodness for politicians thinking no one is listening or recording otherwise we wouldn’t have political suicide to laugh at!

Now we just have to deal with Mid-Term election lies, then within a year and a few months after that we get to start hearing more lies, arrogance, self-serving, and just plan idiotic political bullshit again. Lucky us all we have to look forward to each election time is voting the lesser of two evils into office.

Which all this reminds me, it’s time to change the batteries in the remote control I would hate to have it fail in the middle of a lie!


Mi Ranchito Restaurant Has Second Fire Call

Tuesday morning we were down the street while Oskaloosa Police and Fire Departments were attending a suspicious smoke coming from the Mi Ranchito Restaurant. This is the second fire call for this Restaurant within seven months. I am sure now that is one place I will not eat at as I like a hot meal but not that hot of a meal. I am sure there is nothing suspicious about either fire, and hope that the owners collected ample money to make ends meet. Just seems odd to me that every Restaurant that goes into that area of Penn Mall seems to have problems and fails.



Alicia and Ava

This information is based on interviews, records, and questionable events that have not been brought out in any present information, with certain information not being released by media or the OPD.



January 24, 2014 Became a very dark day for the Ritenour family when their beloved Daughter, Granddaughter, and niece passed away from circumstances at the time that were unexplainable to the family. A mother left without answers, and a daughter she adored passed away.


January 30th the family laid their Ava to rest, still asking why and how. Alicia Ritenour dealing with grief for days before this date, and days after clung to a small stuffed animal of Ava’s as to hope that Ava would somehow reappear and want her stuffed animal to play with. Sadness, disbelief, and anger all boil within the family as to the unanswered question of what happened to Ava, and they still have no answers to these questions to this day.



February 4, 2014 Alicia is arrested for her child’s death less than twelve days after the loss of Ava the Oskaloosa Police Dept., Division of Criminal Investigation, Mahaska County Attorney’s office and the Iowa Attorney General’s office had sworn out an arrest warrant for Alicia before the autopsy final report, and probably before all evidence in the case had been processed by the state crime lab. Basing their arrest warrant on at this point on speculation from what I have researched. The Media and public have only part of the whole story and the more needs to be out for what has been researched about this event thus far.



Here we are with basic information that Ava had serious trauma, a coroner’s report that isn’t officially out at this time as it takes on an average five to six weeks for a completed report. Numerous items were taken from the Apartment during a search warrant issued and executed by the Oskaloosa PD that have to this date not been listed in any Affidavit as evidence.

The Evidence is as follows:

2- Vomit Swabs

1-Blood Swab (or what is thought to be a blood spot.)

Hair sample

2- Mattress pads

3- Childs toys

Two baby bottles (containing unknown liquid)

Items not on this list that were  taken with Ava’s body:


1-Toy Piggy (That looks like this)

1-Blanket (the one that was normally on the couch)

Where is the list for these items, will they be returned? Will they be submitted as evidence, or did they disappear?


Jacob A. Rauch

There is a lot more to this story then the public is hearing or seeing, such as at the time in question there were two other individuals in the apartment, Alicia’s boyfriend Jacob Adam Rouch(age 22), and another young adult named Logan Dean Cavan (age 19) whom did not leave at any point from the night before until Ava was discovered. Alicia informed her boyfriend that his friend Logan had to leave the next day, and that she did not want him in her apartment. Logan went to sleep on the couch, but was informed he would sleep on the floor due to a minor already preparing to sleep on the couch. Logan went into Alicia’s room to sleep on the floor and was informed he could not sleep in that room, he then went to sleep on the floor in the living room.  When Logan was kicked out of Alicia’s room he became enraged and struck something in the apartment while going down the hallway in anger that night. Could this be the thump people heard?


Logan D Cavan

How late these young adults stayed up is in question, however from the information I have it was late into the night, as young adults often do.

The next morning Alicia woke up to take the minor on the couch to School, she checked on Ava hearing her playing in her room, not wanting to disturb her and make Ava cry, Alicia made a bottle and put it just in the doorway so Ava could have the bottle without her noticing her mom doing this task as she had done other mornings. Alicia looked over in the living room on her way out at Logan sleeping on the floor, and Jacob was sleeping in bed. When Alicia returned to her apartment in about an hour she noticed Logan sleeping on the couch, not thinking much about it she went to look in on Ava. Reaching Ava’s room she looked in to see Ava sleeping on the floor with the blanket that was on the couch earlier that morning. Ava seeming to be resting peacefully Alicia turned off the light, and TV to let Ava rest more. Being a little tired still Alicia went to lay down for a short nap.

Later that day the grandmother Tina came over to spend time with Ava as she usually does on her days off, Tina and Alicia found Ava unresponsive. Attempting to revive Ava while Alicia and Jacob were in hysterics and calling 911, and Logan sat on the couch with a slight smirk and no empathy  as all the activities went on to help Ava.

During the investigation some things have been brought to my attention:

One neighbor of Alicia’s has possible made a statement to police that he witnessed Logan raising his hand to Ava in a motion as to attempt to strike her.



The official affidavit states:

“On or about the 24th day of January, 2014, law enforcement was called to Southern Hills Apartments in Oskaloosa, Mahaska County, Iowa. Upon arrival, Ava Marie Ritenour (DOB 8/1/2012), was found deceased in the apartment that the defendant and infant resided in. A witness has stated that he heard a loud thump during the middle of the previous night coming from the room where the infant sleeps, while the mother was alone in the room with the infant. The infant had suffered from severe head trauma, and died from said trauma. The body of the infant was found shortly after 2:00 p.m. on the 24th day of January, 2014. The infant had been deceased for a significant period of time when found by law enforcement.”



My question is: Is Logan the credible witness? Was he offered a deal on his ongoing gun charge and drug charge to become a credible witness? It could be the case since his weapons charge was settled on 1/30/14 with a fine, odd this was done during an ongoing investigation and the same day as Ava’s funeral. Logan has numerous criminal charges, the weapons charge being the most serious.  He also has a drug charge that is still pending.




Logan D Cavan

Were these two men offered a “deal” to implicate Alicia, or are these known criminals double-dealing their way out of a current charge? Do these two know what really happened? Could one of them actually be the one whom did harm to this child, causing her death due to being angry at the mother, or situation the night before? Was the loud thump when Logan hit an object in the apartment due to being angry at having been kicked off the couch, or out of Alicia’s room? Did he actually hit an object, or might that object been Ava? Is Jacob hiding what he might know about the situation since Logan is his friend? Has any of this been brought to light in the investigation? There are so many unanswered questions.



Other websites like KCCI and OskyNews (OskyNews a non-accredited AP website like this one) have allowed people to comment on their story about this, putting Alicia and her family at risk, without knowing the whole story many have already made the assumption that Alicia was alone in the apartment with Ava. Others know there were “witnesses” in the apartment, but until this article knew nothing about who the male witnesses are, or their backgrounds. People are posting threats on the sites and I doubt the Oskaloosa PD will even investigate the threats. Why? Because its Facebook posts and they claim anyone can hack a person’s account and post on it.

Facts are what need to be exposed. The justice system is to prove innocents or guilt, not to be played as a sporting event were the PD uses the media to convict a person before trial.

Questionable investigation has been one of my concerns by the Oskaloosa PD and this was confirmed by the list I was shown of evidence taken from the apartment Ava lived in. Eleven items in total were taken, none of which belonged to either male that was in the apartment were taken into evidence. By the evidence list the main focus of the investigation by the Oskaloosa PD has been on Alicia. Anyone else see any questionable behavior here, or lack of collecting evidence? Was there fingerprint cross-reference on the evidence to the two males in the apartment, and DNA samples taken from each male also for investigation? Why were the males able to leave with personal items before the Search Warrant was executed if this was a crime scene? How much evidence might have left with the males?  When did Ava actually pass away? Was it possible while Alicia was taking someone someplace that morning being gone for about an hour? Or could this have happened while Alicia was in the shower before her mother arrived at the apartment? Are there other fingerprints on items in evidence other then Alicia’s, and who’s if there are? How did a heavy blanket get in Ava’s room during the time that Alicia left that morning for about an hour?


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 I have had a recent update that Jacob and Logan will be testifying against Alicia. Some things they might claim are that Alicia called her daughter names sometimes. They also might claim that they feed and changed Ava’s diaper. They also might claim that they heard the loud thump that morning. Now my question is if these two males might claim to be so responsible and be helping so much in taking care of Ava, then why did they not check on here that morning? Could it be they have something to hide? Who knows what someone with a criminal past will do? Maybe lie to get out of an ongoing charge? Just something to think about!

Oh, and by the way Alicia does NOT have a criminal record, just thought everyone might want to contemplate who actually might have more truth to their story in this event! My weight goes with the one with no criminal past, and hundreds of loving pictures of her daughter!

There has been a lot of speculation as to Alicia moving out of the apartments. Note a few things in your mind as you read this:

Ava passed away Jan. 24, almost the end of the month. Without Ava, Alicia lost all her assistance from the state, including rental assistance, SNAP, a monthly check from the state to pay some bills. Alicia lost all help from the state to live on her own.

UPDATE: This story is getting out! Silent no more!

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One recent story of a Police Dept. believing they are above the law! http://news.yahoo.com/california-town-shaken-police-officers-arrested-235107533.html