Alicia Ritenour Update Notice


(Warning: Due to explicit lyrics within this article from a song children should not be present when you read this!)


We have been working on putting things together for an update on Alicia Ritenour and the pending trial, as we have many updates to discuss and decided what to allow at this time. Through public records we have obtained we know different aspects of the case and what the prosecution seems to be going after.

Some aspects that we know, and have better understanding about are:

Subpoenas that have been filed by the prosecution, whom they have been filed upon, and in one case why it was filed to obtain information supposable for this case, or to make a speculation. Facebook is one that has been subpoenaed, with a subpoena requesting Alicia Ritenour’s account, the main reason is a song by Eminem  (A.K.A. Marshall Mathers) a Rap Artist. Oddly most rap music I have ever had the displeasure of hearing is trash talking, however this is what younger kids are into in their 20s or younger.

The part of the song they are going after is a lyrics Alicia put up on her Facebook page which is no longer available, but I will post the part of the song the prosecution is going after that they have decided to take out of context. This is not the whole song, but the part the prosecution will try to imply that was Alicia’s state of mind, when she typed it. However the odd thing is I have kids that have listened to this junk, repeated the lyrics, and yet it is just a song that they liked so much they sang it. All four of them are in their twenties so I don’t have to actually get mad about their choices of songs anymore.


The song is “Rabbit Run” By Eminem


“Some days I just wanna up and call it quits

I feel like I’m surrounded by a wall of bricks

Every time I go to get up I just fall in piss

My life’s like one great big ball of shit

If I could just, put it all into all I spit

Instead of always tryin to swallow it

Instead of starin at this wall and shit

While I sit writer’s block, sick of all this shit

Can’t call it, shit


All I know is I’m about to hit the wall

If I have to see another one of mom’s alcholic fits

This is it, last straw, that’s all, that’s it

I ain’t dealin with another fuckin politic

I’m like a skillet bubbling until it filters up

I’m about to kill it, I can feel it buildin up

Blow this buildin up, I’ve been sealed enough

My cup, runneth over, I done filled it up

The pen explodes and busts, ink spills my guts

You think, all I do is stand here and feel my nuts?

Well I’ma show you what, you gon’ feel my rush

You don’t feel it, then it must be too real to touch

Peal the dutch, I’m about to tear shit up

Goosebumps yea, I’ma make your hair sit up

Yea sit up, I’ma tell you who I be

I’ma make you hate me, cause you ain’t me

You wait, it ain’t too late to finally see

What you closed-minded fucks were too blind to see”


There is a radio version with no swear words, but this is not what the prosecution will be going after unless they want to bring that version up then claim that Alicia changed the words on her own choice to make it look as if she were annoyed.


There is no real DNA evidence taken from the crime scene or from everyone that was in that apartment the night before to the next day when Ava was found, other than Alicia and Ave’s DNA. Witnesses (not mentioning two males names) were allowed to leave with all their belongings (Also should have been considered evidence) without it being searched, or held as evidence while the investigation was going on. For a murder scene the Apartment was not sealed off until many hours after everyone had left, being left unattended for hours were anyone with a key could have accessed it with a key. (FYI: Jacob Rauch had a key to the apartment, and he and Logan left together. Did they possible return after everyone had left and no police guard was present?

There have been numerous subpoena filed by the prosecution for medical workers, and law enforcement. None have been filed for their two “star” witnesses Jacob A. Rauch, or Logan D. Cavan, or anyone else that might state a different situation other then what the prosecution might be trying to portray of Alicia, which they want to portray her as a cold blooded murderer.

After more research I have not found a single subpoena filed on behalf of her “public defense attorney” Michael H. Adams, I have also found that he has not talked with certain witnesses to different events that pertain to Logan which happened before Ava’s murder. He has not interviewed other witnesses the morning of Ava’s murder, nor has he attempted to do so as of this post.

I do not know of the defense attorney even talking to Alicia and Ava’s case worker, the apartment manager, everyone that was in that apartment the day Ava was found (there were numerous family and friends that were at the apartment after they found Ava, which watched the events and saw where things were placed in the apartment, but yet have been interviewed. Alicia’s neighbor whom knows of an event between Logan and Ava, but now says he can’t remember. Has the defense even talked to Ava’s family physician to substantiate that Alicia too her in for her shots, checkups, and some bumps Ava got while trying to learn to walk? As I stated in an earlier article Logan sat on the couch expressionless while people were franticly trying to revive Ava, and help. Why did he not get up and help or even see what was going on, my guess is he already knew what was in Ava’s room and didn’t need to see it again.

According to the information I have understood Jake however has claimed to be one of the last ones to be with Ava putting her to bed the night before she was found.

Here is my perspective on everything so far: We have a prosecution that has no real evidence so they are going after Facebook posts, there are two known criminals as “star witnesses” whom have received “slaps on the wrist” for charges after talking to investigators one charge was settled on the same day Logan did an interview. Logan and Jake’s stories have changed a few times. Investigators failed to keep a secure crime scene, failed to take in evidence, and have failed to follow up on points of interest pertaining to Logan. The States Attorney (prosecution) has made unproven statements which can be classified as defamatory, which I will deal with at a later time when appropriate.

The defense attorney has failed to properly prepare for this case, has not interviewed witnesses, and has not subpoenaed any potential witnesses, from court records from the bond reduction hearing it seems he doesn’t even know facts about the family. Only in the past month has the public defender (Michael H. Adams, Chief Public Defender) done most of his work on the case.

Susan R. Krisko Assistant Iowa Attorney General, and Amy Zenor Assistant Mahaska County Attorney have already offered two different plea deals one the day of the bond hearing:

First plea deal was dropping the Murder in the First Degree charge down to 2nd Degree Murder and dropping the Child Endangerment Resulting in Death Charge.

The second plea deal offered by the prosecution recently dropped the Charges down to Attempted Murder, and Child Endangerment Resulting in Death.

Both offers when offered are about the same prison time, so nothing has really changed in the offer for prison time, but the charges have significantly dropped. What is this telling the public? The prosecution has no real evidence other than two criminal witnesses, and a Facebook page. They have DNA of Ava and Alicia they obtained from the apartment, all of which is not unusual DNA since they lived there. They have no DNA from the two male witnesses that lived there, because they didn’t collect any from them.

In all I see this as a questionable investigation, a failure on both the prosecution and defense to do any real preparation, and a colossal train wreak about to happen. Will an innocent or guilty person go to prison over “what if’s”, or is a guilty person still walking the streets, getting high, and partying? If the wrong person goes to prison is Mahaska County prepared along with the state to sometime down the road to pay out possible millions of dollars for wrongful imprisonment. Are Attorney’s ready to possible tarnish their reputations, and careers to play this out as if it were a sporting event, that the only thing that matters is who wins?

Through the Innocents Project since the year 2000 there has been 254 convictions overturned because of DNA.

I want everyone to look at some of the posts on Facebook of Alicia’s progress of becoming a mother and being a mother and decide if this is a mother whom was supposed to be angry. These are posts from Alicia’s Facebook that I am sure the Prosecution will not bring up in court.

Screenshot_2014-10-15-12-38-16 Screenshot_2014-10-15-12-38-47 Screenshot_2014-10-19-07-24-37 Screenshot_2014-10-19-07-24-42 Screenshot_2014-10-19-07-26-38 Screenshot_2014-10-15-12-36-18 Screenshot_2014-10-15-12-36-25 Screenshot_2014-10-15-12-36-39

Here is an interesting statistic:



Exonerees can be found in all parts of the country, but most were concentrated in Illinois, New York, Texas, and California.

  • 93 percent are men, 7 percent women;
  • Nearly 50 percent are black, 38 percent white, 11 percent Hispanic and 2 percent Native American or Asian;


  • 48 percent had been falsely convicted of homicides, 35 percent of sexual assaults (23 percent adult, 12 percent child), five percent robberies, five percent other violent crimes, and seven percent drug, white-collar and other non-violent crimes.

As a group, they spent more than 10,000 years in prison, an average of more than 11 years each.



Oskaloosa Street Repairs for 9/18/14 Are Poor Planning

Poor planning by the City Engineer and City manager put the city traffic in Oskaloosa at risk on Thursday. South 7th was almost completely shut down from A Ave. East down past Webster School. Then Third Ave North was shut down from Jiffy for many blocks heading north. Then to top it off South 11th was shut down to through traffic completely. Getting around the south west side of town was almost impossible, not to mention school buses had to be completely re-routed and kids were dropped off in places they normally were not dropped off at.

Oddly enough I was just reading an article for Des Moines about the new city manager will be making $195,000 a year with a possible increase in salary after six months. The new manager also receives a $500.00 a month vehicle allowance and $100.00 a month cellphone allowance.

Schrock makes over $117,000.00 plus up to a $4000.00 performance bonus two years ago Schrock was making just over $103,000.00 a year. Des Moines population is just over 210,000 people in 2014, Oskaloosa’s population is estimated at just over 11,000 people. I am just wondering how we can sustain such a salary for a city manager that is 60% of the salary of a town with almost 200,000 less people. Actually I do know how, the city manager plans on working on increasing a franchise fee along with submitting other increases to boost the cities income so that next year maybe he will get another increase.

How much longer are the people of Oskaloosa going to keep ignoring what this city is doing with their poor planning, over paying a city manager while cutting other salaries and positions, and work on ways to increase taxes and fees to over pay someone that keeps taking food off the residents tables for his own gratification!

Poor planning by this city on road repair schedules, and over paying for nothing, along with this stupid “Green Zone” is just a bunch of B.S.!



When Should News Be Withheld?

I am wondering when some parts of News should be withheld. It seems putting out an accident victims name in the news within twentyfour hours of the accident is disrespectful of the family. Are ??News?? ??Agencies?? that put out this information giving family members time to inform other family members about this tragic accident before these family members read it in the News? I don’t think so.

Poor judgement on the part of a local news site is just disrespectful to the family!


Emergency Management Equipment Usage

Recently I have been having discussions with some whom think that, well they have a sense of “entitlement” to use County equipment for personal use. Oddly enough with FEMA Grants and other Federally funded monies tied  to this program I decided to look into the policies for using Federally funded equipment for say a ride to Prom, or Senior pictures! Oddly enough I don’t see any place in policies from any agency were taxpayers are to cover “wear and tear”, insurance, and fuel so a eighteen year old can drive this equipment to prom.

Interesting pictures taken from Facebook public access pages.



Iowa Governor’s Race


The Iowa governor’s race has become a point of contention for some people with Terry Branstad running for yet another term. Branstad has almost completed his fifth non-consecutive term, yes five terms as Governor. Oddly enough it has started to show little cracks in his system of arrogance, self-serving ego, and contemptuous attitude towards following the laws.

Terry seemed to think that he should terminate the Iowa Workforce Development department as it was known and reduce it down to just a few offices that were hard for people to get to, and just install a few computers around the state in libraries for the unemployed to sign up on for work or unemployment benefits. That seemed to yield hundreds of complaints from many groups including workers who couldn’t get into the system, to those whom never used a computer before that time. Not to mention all the Workforce Development employees who then had to sign up for unemployment too.

Another act was when Terry decided to close down a juveniles center in the state by making sure it was not funded, forcing many teens in need of help to be scattered to the winds in different facilities further from their families, and once again putting more state workers on unemployment.

Oh yes, we can’t forget the famous 90MPH speeding suburban going down the highway with the Emperor Branstad in the back seat “oblivious” to the fact that his vehicle is passing everything on the road! Then when one of the few honest State Troopers filed a complaint oddly enough he was terminated. Starting to sound familiar here?

Now for the next kicker! Wait I better check to see if I signed one of those confidential agreements! Ok we are good I didn’t.

It seems Branstad (playing dumb again) didn’t know about taxpayers money in the hundreds of thousands of dollars being paid as “hush money” to state workers whom had their jobs terminated, and then were replaced by probably less competent personal that Branstad could probably control.

What am I seeing here? A governor that has been in office so long that he thinks he is above the law, has no accountability, and has a sense of entitlement to do as he pleases. It is no longer what voters are interested in changing; it has become what King Branstad wants!

I am not pushing for a Democrat in office I am saying enough is enough King Branstad stop freeloading off of Iowa taxpayers and thinking you above the law, retire and let someone else run on the Republican ticket. Branstad, you will already get a nice state pension at taxpayers expense, and probable free medical until you “kick the bucket”!

The other thing I will say is if Branstad is voted into office again and more things are changed that he decides he doesn’t like, don’t blame anyone but the people who checked that little box for this arrogant ass. Like Nancy Reagan use to say when you get to that little box in the voting booth “Just say NO!”